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A Brief History of Rancho Canyon Music

The history of Rancho Canyon Music goes back to 1995.  The store was originally called "The Music Room at Strings, Etc.", and started out as a used Piano store that also taught lessons and rented instruments to the local school kids.  There wasn't much out here in those days, and R.S.M. wasn't even an official city yet.  Craig Ferguson bought this store in June 2000 after Craig had worked for the previous owners since 1998.  A lifelong professional musician, Craig's passion had become teaching music, so he immediately set out to create our community's first Music Education facility.

At our peak we had a staff of 20 incredible and dedicated music instructors and more than 350 students. Through the years we grew up right along with our community. Great teachers, motivated and enthusiastic students, and supportive music families were the key!

Shortly after COVID, both Saddleback & Capistrano School Districts decided to BUY fleets of instruments that we used to rent to local families. That effectively put us out of business. Soon enough they will figure out that they made a huge mistake by buying substandard instruments that are going to fall apart in kid's hands. That's a great way to get kids to give up on music. Next time the schools complain about a lack of funds, just know that is not true, they simply misappropriate the funds they have been given.

In November 2023, after closing the retail/teaching studio and moving to a private teaching studio, Craig decided to call it a gig, and he retired.

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