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Here are just a few benefits of playing music!

  • #1, It's Fun! #2, It's Cool! Class dismissed  ;)

  • Increases Your Memory Capacity

  • Increases Your Self Esteem

  • Teaches You Perseverance

  • Helps You Gain Confidence

  • Increases Your Ability To Concentrate

  • Improves Your Reading & Comprehension

  • Develops Motor Skills

  • Boosts Your Team Skills

  • ... and so much more!!

Rancho Canyon Music is South Orange County’s premier community school of music, providing a broad range of music education for pre-school and school-age children, teens and adults.
It is our mission to teach and foster a love for music that will impact and improve your life forever!

"Those Who Take Music Lessons Gain a Real Advantage In Life"

Whether you watch ABC News, read Newsweek, or browse most any newspaper in the country, you'll see the same reports - Music lessons, and piano, in particular, have been shown to be a key ingredient in the development of the human brain, especially in young children. The findings of a recent U.C.Irvine study suggest that children who receive early music instruction could perform better as high school students in areas like geometry and chemistry. The study, which took place over two years, found that groups of 3 and 4-year-olds who were given Piano lessons in three Orange County preschools scored significantly higher in several areas than those in three control groups. After receiving weekly Piano lessons, the children improved their puzzle-solving skills by 34% over groups that were given singing lessons, computer lessons, or no specific instruction at all.


Rancho Canyon Music has helped literally thousands of aspiring musicians discover the joy and magic of playing music. Now it's your turn! From the very young to the very young at heart, our teachers will customize a lesson plan that will allow you to play or sing the music that you've always dreamed about! Patience, Compassion, and Professionalism are at the heart of each Instructor, along with the desire to see each student succeed to their goals.

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