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Rancho Rock School

For over 20 years, Rancho Canyon Music has been famous for their ROCKCITAL concert series, giving literally hundreds of musicians their first taste of being in a Rock band in front of a packed audience. In 2009, after years of sucessful shows and hundreds of requests, we agreed that it was time that we take the next step...

Rancho Rock School is an amazing program for aspiring musicians!  Students will learn to play as a band under the direction of Rancho Canyon Music's Rock School Guru, Paul Cruz. Members learn to work as a unit to select and rehearse songs together, put together their "set list", even select a name for their band! Additionally, they learn how to set-up and maintain the gear and the instruments that drive their sound... all in a super fun, safe environment that they can't wait to get back to each week!

Once the band has their set "tight", it's time to hit the Concert Circuit! Rancho Rock School has been invited to perform at numerous festivals and live music venues throughout Orange County, and the gigs just keep coming!! Speaking of live shows, Rancho Rock School frequently books their shows at local music venues where there is no cover charge! 

 Parents don't have to pay extra to watch their budding rock stars perform... and you can invite friends & family! Every once in awhile we do get invited to play at an event such as the O.C.Fair or RanchoFest, where there is a fee to enter the event, but Rancho Rock School never charges a cover for their "headliner" shows.

The program is geared towards Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, and Keyboard players, but other instruments are welcome and always considered!

Rancho Rock School is open to students aged 9 - Adult who have been playing for 3 months or more. Students will be grouped together in bands that are age & ability appropriate.

In June 2014, Rancho Rock School, under their band name Liquid Carrot, recorded the music and performed in their very own music video! Coached through the process by Rock School "Guru" Paul Cruz, the group did a version of the song "Wasting Time" by Four Year Strong. The video was produced by Daniel Velarde.

Here's How it Works

Rancho Rock School is currently meeting every Saturday afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Rancho Canyon Music, offering 16-20 hours of band jam time each month, and that doesn't even include the gigs that they do!!!


Tuition is just $30 per student / per session!! That's $120/month (or $150 if it's a 5 week month)


Tuition is payable at the first meeting of each month


Rancho Rock School, combined with private lessons at Rancho Canyon Music, works out on the average month to just $260/month - an outstanding value when compared to corporate facilities!


Note: You do not have to be enrolled in private instruction to participate at Rancho Rock School...


WANNA PLAY?? Give us a call at (949) 589-7688

or send us an email using the form below

Awesome! Our Rock School Guru will give you a call ASAP!

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